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Recoil Reduction

Recoil reduction helps counteract the upward movement of the barrel and reduces the force of undesired contact between weapon and shooter.  To stabilize how much your gun moves and minimize the impact while firing, G.L. Gun Works has a few options to make it easier for you to stay on target!

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Recoil Pad Installation

Shooter is measured for proper length of pull for their body size, and pads are professionally grinded to flush fit to your gun.  We use Pachmayer pads and have a variety of styles from Decelerators, to Sporting Clays, to Old English, in either black or brown.  We can also install your own supplied pad if it will fit the stock.  Prices vary depending on the type of stock and pad.  Call for details. 

Muzzle Brake Installation

Barrels are cut and crowned, then threaded to fit any muzzle brake, including GL Brakes which are manufactured in shop, or any supplied brake you have.  Muzzle brakes are also coated to match the finish of your barrel.  Prices vary on type of brake installed.  Call for details.

Mercury Reducer Installation

Mercury Reducers are filled with heavy mercury liquid to add weight to the stock to reduce felt recoil and balance your weapon while shooting.  Stocks are drilled out parallel to the bore of your gun and fit to the inside of your stock.  Prices vary depending on the type of reducer and stock it's being installed in.  Call for details